Career Pathways

career_pathways_logoThe Careers Pathways Team who operate solely for the ACTE group of colleges, will help you to professionally prepare for the workforce by working with you to build the skills and confidence you need, gain practical experience and ensure you have the best opportunity of attaining your dream job.

Career Coaches

Our dedicated national team of Career Coaches will help you to achieve your career aspirations through tailored individual and group support. We will help you to understand your strengths and goals through the renowned ProScan profiling program, as well as coaching to prepare a professional resume and winning cover letter, promote and market yourself and interview with confidence.

Vocational Placement Officers

Our team of committed national Vocational Placement Officers will help support and assist in identifying and placing you in your field of interest for industry placement. We currently work with 363 organisations Australia wide, including Education Queensland, PCYC and yourtown, who take our students for vocational placement.

In the past 11 months, our dedicated team of Career Coaches and Vocational Placement Officers have engaged with The Change Academy and other students from the ACTE college network over 2909 times and have completed over 2518 one-on-one career sessions resulting in:

Student workshops

One-on-one student engagements

Vocational placement host companies

Students have secured vocational placements

Students have gained employment

Students have moved into further study

Career Pathways

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